Friday, February 13, 2015

Coach™ Trivia Quiz

Authenic Vintage Coach Crossbody Bag by Moon Revival

Every business begins with a creative mind, a idea, a great business plan and lots of determination to make it grow and become a success. It doesn't matter if that the once small business is now a multibillon dollar corporation. Success does not come overnight for the majority of businesses and the Coach™Corporation isn't any different.

With that in mind, there are plenty of shop owners on Etsy who have a dream to quit their full time jobs and work their Etsy shops instead. Some have made it, but plenty more haven't.  I believe this is a admirable dream that can be attained under the right circumstances. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to say that your multibillion dollar business began as a little Etsy online shop

Today, I thought it would be nice to test your Coach™ knowledge so I developed a multiple choice quiz. Let's see how you rate. Answers below.

1. In what year was Coach™ founded?
     a. 1941   b. 1943   c. 1945   d. 1948

2. In 1985, Coach™ was sold to what corporation?
     a. Hanes Group   b. Sara Lee   c. Macys   d. Proctor & Gamble

3. In what year did Coach™ introduce its logo?
     a. 1948   b. 1943   c. 1959   d. 1960 

4. How many stores does Coach™ operate in North America as of 2014?
     a. 539   b. 733   c. 391   d. 925

5. Coach™ allows franchise stores.
     a. true       b. false

6. Where is Coach™ headquarters located?
     a. Bronx   b. Queens   c. Manhatten   d. Brooklyn 

7. Coach™ products are made in how many countries?
     a. 15   b. 30   c. 25   d. 20

8. Coach™has individual distributorships.
     a. true   b. false

9. When the Coach™ business started, how many people were involved?
     a. 1   b. 2   c. 4    d. 6  

10. Coach™ is publicly traded on which stock exchange?
     a.  Nasdaq   b. NYSE   c. AMEX  d. Dow Jones

 Here are some vintage Coach handbags from various Etsy shops.


                                  Rare Olive Green Coach Bag #DSC-9870 by Ob'solete street


                                  1960's Coach, Bonnie Cashin Design by CashinCarry


  Original Twins: Vintage COACH NYC by Saved by the Saver

Coach Bag 9023 Mini Willis "Winnie" Crossbody by Style Stealth

Vintage Coach Bag Drawstring Sling Bucket by All About Boutique

 1. a  2. b  3. c  4. a.  5. a   6. c.   7. d   8. b   9. d   10. b

How many did you get right?
9-10  Coach™expert. Buys their products.
6-8  Coach-able.  Prefers their products over others.
4-7  Coach™ deficient. Looks at their products; buys elsewhere.
1-3 Un-Coach(ed) Prefers other brands. 

Site source: Coach FAQ

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