Friday, April 3, 2015

Tutorial: How to Make a Craft Display with Multiple Uses

In part three of my series on craft fairs, I decided to do a tutorial of my display stand that I designed. I wanted something that I could use in multiple ways.  In addition, I wanted to be compactable for my van. There are always so much you need to take when exhibiting at an event. This craft display is great for all of my needs. 

5- 2" X 2" boards 8' long
1- 4' X 8'  1/2 " pegboard
1- 48" piano hinge, cut to length
8 door hinges, 2-1/2" in length 
4 door catches 
4' of heavy duty chain (optional)
Plywood (optional)
Chalkboard paint (optional)
White paint
16 2-1/4 " wood or dry wall screws 
8- 4" bolts with wing nuts
wood glue

router table
screwdriver or drill bit 
carpenter's square


Part 1: Cutting Boards and Routering Notches
1. Cut the 2" X 2"  router boards to the following specifications.
     a. 6 boards- 26 1/4" long
     b. 4 boards- 40" long 
     c. 4 boards- 35" long
     d. 2 boards- 23 1/4" long
2. Router a 1/2" notch down the center of of  your 2" X 2" boards, using the following specifications below. Use a router table to guide your boards. 
      a. The 6 boards that are 26 1/4" long: mark 1" from the top and bottom. Router a notch between the marks.
      b. With the 4 boards that are 40" long, measure and mark 4 1/2" from the bottom. Starting at the top router a notch down to the 4 1/2" mark.
      c. With the 2 boards that are 23 1/4" long and the 4 boards that are 35" long: Router from top to bottom.
3. Cut the pegboard into 4- 2' X 36" sections

Part 2: Framing the Pegboard
1. To frame the top part of the stand, place two 26 1/4" boards at the top and the bottom of the pegboard. Slide the 35" boards to the 3' sides of the pegboard. 
2. With a carpenters square, square up the corners. Clamp if necessary.
3. Drill 2 1/4" holes into the top and bottom corners of the frame. Put some glue on both wood pieces. Screw into place and wipe off the glue excess.  Repeat for the second craft stand.
4. Begin framing the bottom part of the craft stand by sliding the longer edge of the pegboard into the 40" sides. The pegboard should be 1/2" above the side boards. Insert the top board that is 26 1/4" long. Square it up and clamp pieces together. Drill a hole at the top each corner. Again glue both pieces of wood and put them together. Drill screws into place. Wipe off any glue excess. Repeat for the second.

Part 3: Cutting Plywood and Priming and Painting the Frames
1. Measure the inside of the frame. Cut 2 pieces of 1/4" plywood to fit.  Drill four small holes in each corner. Paint plywood with chalkboard paint. 
2. With the four frames, prime and paint white or other desired color. (optional)

Part 4: Putting on the Hardware
1. Cut the piano hinge to fit the frame. Line up the piano hinge in the center and along the edge of the top of the bottom frame. The hinge pin should run along the outside edge and fold downward. Mark each hole. Drill a small hole in each marked spot no longer than the length of the screw. Screw the piano hinge into place. Line up the bottom of the upper frame along the front edge. Mark screw holes and drill. Screw in the screws. Repeat for other craft stand.
2. Install 2 door hinges on each of the framed panels following manufacturers instructions.
3. Install the door catches in place.
4. Put the chain on the sides (optional).

Part 5: Making  and Installing the Feet
1. With a jigsaw, cut 8 boards 2' L x 3" H.  
2. Find the center and mark for 2 vertical holes  about 3/4" apart. Drill holes.
3. Find the center of the bottom legs and lightly mark a straight line 3" up from the bottom. Line up the center of the feet to the center of the legs. Mark holes. Drill through legs.

Here are some pics of my craft display. Not pictured are the signage with the chalkboard paint and the single standing panel. Will update with those photos at a later date.

Draw Catch

Bottom Feet

Single Panel Folded in Half

Both Panels Hinged Together

Other Side of Hinged Panels

 I plan to exhibit at a few outdoor events this summer. This display stand will really come in handy for all my scarves and purses. If you're unable to attend one of my events, remember you can always shop online at my store Purse O'nality by Mary.

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