Friday, March 6, 2015

Ginger Grey Soaps on Etsy

 As I said in last week's blog, trying to operate an online business takes dedication and hard work.  However, trying to be successful with young children in the home is even more difficult. I know this. My husband and I were empty nesters with our 3 children grown. Then about a year ago, our granddaughter came to live with us. She is a teen mom with a 21 month old son, Tristan. We are now helping her raise her son. 


Just recently I had to take over the daycare because he was kicked out of daycare due to biting the other children. Now I'm trying to run my Etsy shop in between naps and at night time. I can't imagine doing this with 5 young children. However, Melissa can. 

Back row: Camden, Melissa, Anya, Owen, and Andy

Front row: Hayleigh and Preston

Melissa is a stay-at-home-mom with 5 children and another one the way. She home schools her children AND she has 2 Etsy shops. She started her first shop Happy Homestead in 2008, and was quite successful. However, her focus changed with the birth of her second daughter, Anya. Her daughter developed horrible rashes and dry skin from the "store bought" baby products that Melissa was using. Melissa decided to to some research on the so-called "gentle" baby products. She was astounded to learn what the industry deemed as safe for a newborn's delicate skin. After some more research, she decided to make her own homemade soaps for her family. Before long, she was making lotions, toothpaste and shampoos for a more healthy lifestyle for her family. Melissa discovered that she really liked making high quality soaps for her family. She wanted to see if others outside her friends and family would like them as well. This led to opening her second shop, Ginger Grey SoapsThis week, Melissa celebrated her 2nd "Etsyversary". Her shop has done quite well with over 1200 sales.

Almond Biscotti Soap  $6.00

With 5 young children ranging in age from 9 to 13 months , one has to wonder how she manages everything between her family life and business.  I asked her what's the key to your success? "Well", Melissa says, "The reason I can do all of that is because I don't. The kids help with the chores around the house and even with the soaps. Even our oldest daughter, Hayleigh, likes to put labels on the backs of our mini soaps. She likes to help with EVERYTHING!!!   . . .two year old Ayna  . . . likes to try and help with labels too. The older boys, Camden, age (sic) 9, and Preston age (sic) 8, help with a lot.  Owen (13 months) helps with being super cute."

Melissa says that even though her family always comes before her business, she has always had an inner drive to keep pushing herself. She loves to explore the extent of her capabilities, which means she is continually learning and growing. Everything Melissa learned has been self taught, which can be difficult, but rewarding at the same time. 

Hawaiian Plumeria Soap  $6.00

Since the opening of Ginger Grey Soaps, Melissa has been constantly trying new soap techniques, improving soap recipes, working on branding and labeling designs, and making overall improvements to her Etsy shop. Her dream is that one day Ginger Grey Soaps will be a full time family business.

Assorted Soaps

Melissa uses only high quality base ingredients with luxurious additives such as rich Shea butter, poppy seeds. sea salt, and ground almonds. These soaps have rich colors and wonderful fragrances. However, I'm sure that if someone is sensitive to fragrances, a fragrance free product can be custom ordered. You can also find Melissa's shop through her
Facebook Pageshop blog, and on her You Tube channel.

Men's Beer Soap Set  $ 17.00

Soap and soap products is something that everyone needs. So if you're looking for something special, don't forget that Ginger Grey Soaps makes personalized gifts and soon her wedding favors will be back up for sale. So keep on the watch for those items. In addition, I'm sure Melissa's shop will have a special fragrance that will become your all time favorite, but you will never know unless you visit her Etsy shop.  

A Soap Sample Pack for Women $3.00 - $6.00

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