Friday, January 16, 2015

Do You Have an Addiction?

Meet Ingrid Lundberg. Ingrid has an Etsy shop. What's worse, Ingrid has an addiction! And her addiction is really serious. In fact, it's so serious that she says it gives her uncontrollable urges. Urges to craft, that is. Her craft addiction is also reflected in her Etsy shop name, Craft Addict MN.

I met Ingrid, indirectly, through the Etsy team Minnesota Magic, which is made of Etsy shops from Minnesota only. I also live in Minnesota and believe that it's important to get to know other Minnesota shops, since we share a common bond. So I asked Ingrid if she would like to share with my readers a little about herself and her Etsy shop,

Olive Green Twin Leather Beaded Bracelet $24.99

Mary: Would you tell me a little about yourself?
Ingrid: I'm a Minnesota native and grew up in North Branch, which is about an hour from the Twin Cities. I've always been somewhat of a nerd. I graduated from college with a B.A. in Mathematics with minors in computer science and stats. After graduation, I moved to the Twin Cities where I have a full time position as a data analyst. It may not be as exciting as other jobs, but I like it. On one hand, my job may not satisfy my creative urges, but on the other, it does pay for my bead addiction.

Sterling Silver Cobalt and Ice Blue Sailor Knot Beaded Necklace $49.99

Mary: What first got you interested in your craft?
Ingrid: I have always loved crafting. When I was little, I loved making friendship bracelets and pretty much any craft project I could get my hands on. My friends and I would have sleepovers where we would do nothing but make things until 8 a.m. About four years ago, I graduated from college and realized that I could have a hobby again, since I no longer had that endless supply of homework that always had to be done. So I set out to Pinterest and Joann’s to find something that I loved. I always loved making necklaces and bracelets so I decided jewelry was for me! I instantly become addicted to beads and wanted every kind. I made jewelry constantly and eventually I had enough to start doing craft shows and start an Etsy shop. In my Etsy shop you can see my newest addiction, which is bead weaving.

Blue and Green Arrow Peyote Bracelet $24.99

Mary: Please describe your creative process.
Ingrid: When I’m making a Peyote bracelet, I usually do some searching online for a color combo that I like. Then I just turn on some Netflix and start coloring a pattern. Any time I get to break out my colored pencils, I’m pretty excited. Once I have the pattern done, I scan it into my iPad so I have it for the future and I just start beading.

I also make cosplay* jewelry so when I get a request for an item, I usually start by researching the character and how I might be able to make it. It usually takes some searching for similar beads or components but once I get everything together, I love how close it looks to the real thing.

Black Butler Anime Manga Cosplay Peyote Bracelet $39.99

*cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a character from a book, movie, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime.

Mary: Where else can we find you?
Ingrid: Besides my Etsy shop, I also have a facebook page where I frequently post free giveaways and keep people updated on the latest things going on in the shop. This year I have been accepted to the Artist Alley for Anime Detour 2015 event, which I'm really excited about. I'm currently making a lot of geek theme items for this event. In addition these, you can always find me at various craft shows in the Twin Cities area selling my jewelry.

Swarovski Crystal Wire Wrapped Barrettes $19.99

Mary: Is there anything else you would like to share?
Ingrid: I love finding new ideas, creating new designs and trying out new techniques. I also do custom orders. There is nothing more I love hearing than how much my jewelry means to those who wear it. Currently, I'm trying to revamp my shop so I'm having an Etsy sale, which will continue until the end of February. You can get 30% off your entire purchase by using coupon code, REVAMP2015.  

Wire Wrapped Bird Nest Earrings - Purple $14.99

Mary: What does your family and friends say about you crafting?
Ingrid: They say, "You're an addict! Stop crafting! Don't you think two hundred pairs of bird nest earrings are enough?"

Mary: What is your response?
Ingrid: Obviously, they are not crafters!

I can understand Ingrid's craft addiction. Although I make purses and accessories, and not jewelry, I really enjoy what I do. Like Ingrid, I do take a lot of pride in my work and get a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing that someone bought something that was uniquely made by me. So if by definition a craft addict is someone who has strong creative urges, enjoys what they do, and takes pride in their work, then I guess I'm a craft addict and have an addiction as well

If you want to see Ingrid's latest addiction and addition to her Etsy shop, then I suggest your visit her shop, Also don't forget to visit her facebook page to get the latest updates on what's going on in the shop such as the revamp sale that will continue until the end of February. With a 30% discount, I'm sure you will find lots of things to put in your cart. Just remember to use the REVAMP2015 coupon code. 

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