Friday, December 19, 2014

Minnesota Magic

Etsy has lots a terrific shops from all parts of the world. Today I would like to show you some great shops from my corner of the world. I live in Minnesota and there is plenty of "Minnesota Magic" happening. So let's take a tour through Minnesota and see what these shops have to offer. 

Let's start our tour through Minnesota by beginning in Detroit Lakes, which is located northwest region of Minnesota where Sarah Kristen lives. Sarah opened her Etsy Shop in the beginning of 2012. Her shop,, is all about repurposing and turning something old into something new and different. One of the things she likes to do is to take old Minnesota license plates and reclaimed wood and turn them into a great piece of home decor. What man wouldn't like to have this sign in their man cave?

 Man Cave Sign by Sweet Someday   $42.00

Now I'm going to take you to the opposite corner of the state. The shop owner of, Kimberly, loves to find great vintage items at estate sales, auctions and thrift stores. Finding vintage items are like a great big treasure hunt for her. Researching the backgrounds of the items she finds is a way to share that information in her listings. Kimberly also has two sisters that have Etsy shops. One of the sisters also does vintage and was instrumental in getting Kimberly to open an Etsy shop. Kimberly opened her shop in 2011 and has had more than 1,000 sales since its inception. Kimberly lives in New Prague, which is in the southeastern part of the state. Now isn't this tractor cool?

Vintage Metal Tractor by Sweet Serendipity Vintage  $185.00

Minneapolis is where our next Etsy shop is located. Christa owns and operates The Beadtique Jewelry at, since October of 2011. She has been making jewelry for more than 15 years. Christa decided to open her own Etsy shop because she was inspired by the talents of other Etsy shop owners. Christa selects all the materials for her jewelry designs personally and has sold many of her designs to wedding parties, as gifts for people, or to family and friends. Besides the items in her shop that are ready to be shipped, she also will customize a jewelry piece to your specifications. How often can someone say they have a one and only original piece of jewelry? This necklace below is one of those One Of A Kind (OOAK). Isn't this beautiful?

Lapis Lazuli with Sterling Silver Necklace by The Beadtique Jewelry  $38.00

Since we are now visiting shops in Minneapolis, here's another shop from the same area. Jasmine's Treasures LLC. is owned by  a mother and daughter team. Renee, who set up the shop, named it after her daughter Jasmine. However her mother, Teresa, does most of shop's operations. The shop, has handcrafted gifts for all occasions. Many of the items in the shop include hand painted greeting cards, glassware, tinware and coffee mugs, as well as specialty home decor, unique jewelry and one of a kind (OOAK) clothing.  Renee opened the shop in 2012. 

Hand Painted Birthday Card by Jasmine's Treasures, LLC  $6.50

Let's now continue our journey through Minnesota with a stop about 1.5 hours straight west of Minneapolis to the town of Olivia. Olivia is about an hour northwest of where I live. It's in southwestern Minnesota. The shop owner, Joan Berg, opened her Etsy shop,, because there was so many requests for her "Joan Coat". Since opening in 2011, Joan's shop has evolve to include tote and clutch bags, phone and travel wallets, and girl's dresses. However, her Swing Coats continue to be very popular. 

Tote Beach Bag by Swing Coat  $25.00

Dale, online shop owner of, lives in Duluth, which is on the coast of Lake Superior. Duluth is in the northeast region of Minnesota. Her shop, De La Renaissance, opened in 2008. It's all about the fine art of nature, legends and lore. She was inspired at a very young age by coloring crayons and the beautiful illustrations from the story of Cinderella. As an adult, she still has one foot firmly grounded in the children's realm with each whimsical drawing in her shop telling a delightful story. The print below is titled, "The First Apple".

ACEO Print by De La Renaissance  $8.00

Our next shop is in Anoka, which is north and a little west of the Twin Cities. It is owned by Stephanie who opened, in September of 2011.  Stephanie specializes in unique handbags and purses, which she is the sole designer and seamstress. Stephanie's interest in making handbags came after she received a new sewing machine in the spring of the same year that she opened her Etsy shop. However, that interest wasn't immediate. It wasn't until her mom showed her how easy it was to make a metal frame purse that Stephanie's interest in creating handbags began to take shape. Then, with her mom's help, she made her first bag. Stephanie has been creating her designs ever since. This tote bag below is one of her designs.

Large Quilted Tote Bag by Mystic Rain Creations  $75.00

The online shop,, has really cute crocheted baby and toddler's items. This shop is operated by Shannon of North Branch, MN. North Branch is located about 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities on Interstate 35. Shannon's shop is mostly Made To Order shop; however she does have a few things that are ready to ship. Shannon opened her shop in 2010 and has over 2,000 sales. It's not hard to believe her success when you see this cute sleeping baby in its western wear.

Crochet Baby Cowboy and Pants Set by Little Buttercup Baby  $50.00

Again, we travel to Minneapolis where you can find the Etsy shop,, and its shop owner, Ginny. This Etsy shop makes doll clothes for 16" and 18" dolls. Ginny has been making doll clothes for the past 30 years. She opened her online  Etsy shop in January of 2012. This outfit below is one of her favorites. 

A Princess Dress for an 18" Doll by Project Funway  $19.99

Continuing south and a little east is the town of Morristown, where shop owner, Sarah, lives. You can find her online shop at Sarah loves to crochet and loves owls so she combined her love of these things a created her shop. Sarah learned how to crochet at the age of 16 from a teacher and when she got laid off in 2013, she decided to start and Etsy shop. Sarah just celebrated her first year anniversary on Etsy, sometimes referred as an etsyversary by fellow shop owners.  Besides this cell phone holder below, she crochets coasters, scrubbies, washcloths and stuffed animals among other items.

IPhone cozy by Owl Towels  $14.00

Finally the last stop is in Marshall, MN where I have my shop, Marshall is a couple hours west of Morristown. I opened my shop last year and it's been a real learning process. I started my shop making scarves and crochet purses. However, I'm doing more sewing now, which is my first love. I make clutch purses, pouches and handbags.  This is one of my newest listings.

Pink Camo Crossbody Utility Pouch by Purse O'Nality by Mary   $20.00

Minnesota is a great state to live in, and it has a wide variety of great talent from all different parts of the state. These Etsy shops are just a small segment of "Minnesota Magic" at its best. They have something for everyone, and I want to thank all these shops for allowing me to show what our great state has to offer. Please check out these shops the next time you're on Etsy.