Friday, October 31, 2014

Two Tickets, Please!

I love making purses. I also make scarves, but the purses fascinate me. Whenever I go into stores, it's the first place I usually go. I love to see not only how they are constructed, but also what features are involved. How is it compartmentalized? How many inside and outside pockets are featured? Does it have side pockets? Where do you put the cell phone? Does it have 1 or 2 straps? What type of bag is it? What are the security features? The questions in my mind are endless. This always gives me creative inspiration. 

Another way I get my creative inspiration is to check out other Etsy shops. Many shops on Etsy have been here since its beginning in 2005. Others, like myself, have only been on Etsy for a short time. I 'm always learning from those shops who have been around longer than me. 


Today I'm featuring Amanda Schwartz and her Etsy shop called Two Tickets.  Amanda was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area and went to school at the Savannah College of Art where she was trained as a painter. While in college, she also dabbled in jewelry making, metals and fiber arts. After she graduated she learned about all facets
of production at a small clothing design company. It wasn't long after that when she started designing a producing her own line of purses and accessories. In an interview with Amanda, I asked her the following questions.

Mary: How long have you had your Etsy shop?

Printed Canvas Leather 

Fold Over Handbag

Amanda: I've been on Etsy says
since the beginning and had three shops during that time. This is my 3rd and only currently open shop. It has been open since 2011. I have seen many changes since then. 

Mary: What are some advice or tips you can give new Etsy shop owners?  

Amanda: I’ve gone through a lot with Etsy. I’ve seen it change, the ups and downs. I’ve had many friends get discouraged and abandon their Etsy shops. I think it’s crucial to be realistic about your goals and expectations for your shop. Etsy will not advertise for you. They are simply a platform and one of the best out their right now. Their free market place format does create some issues with non-handmade items and copy – cats. But over all I think it’s worked well. The existence of Etsy made it possible for me to dream of a career doing what I wanted and working for myself. My best pieces of advice are:

1. patience, patience, patience! 
2. treat it like a job; do something every day to help your shop along. 
3. list 100 items! (I know this is a debatable one but it worked wonders for my shop!)
4. find your signature; try to evolve your shop and have a vision of the person and the style you want . 
5. market outside of Etsy at places such as trunk shows, art and craft fairs, your local farmers markets, etc. 
6. find another Etsy seller in your area to partner with to share the table costs with you when you are starting out

Mary: Why did you name your Etsy shop Two Tickets?

Amanda: Two Tickets was originally inspired by an Elliot Smith song. She says, "tickets are all about travel and adventure, made even sweeter by the idea of who's coming along with you." Two Tickets, to me, congers an image of destinations, adventures and infinite possibilities.

Ipad Carrier Case

Mary: What inspires you and keeps you  creative?  What do you do when you feel stuck?  

Amanda: I'm  inspired most by nature, organic shapes, and rounded forms. My design ideas come from my collection of vintage furniture, fashion and collectibles. I love mid-century modern anything but I also love a touch of rock and roll. I often try to combine opposites. It’s a fun challenge I give myself. When I feel stuck I love to visit museums or go for a walk in the park.

Mary: What other interests do you have besides your Etsy shop?

Amanda: I love sci-fi, music, books and of course, painting and textiles.

Mary: Can you tell me more about the Two Tickets brand name?

Amanda: I created the Two Tickets brand out of my passion for craftsmanship, quality and responsibly produced fashion. I hope to bring back a sense of connection to the things we buy and use. Two Tickets was born out of this natural love of making things. My brand's core philosophy is the result of the dream to unite form and function, past and present, beauty and durability.

Leather Black and White  Embossed

Cosmetic Pouch

Mary: Where else can we find your wonderful items?

Amanda: Online you can find me at . I was lucky enough to be asked to join Scout Mob a year ago. They feature handcrafted items by independent makers. You can also find me at By Brooklyn, Homebody Boutique, Better Than Jam and Tech Design in NYC, Gather in San Francisco, and MADE in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Amanda shop has plenty of variety. In addition to her many purses, She also has some jewelry, scarves and accessories. Here are some more of Amanda's creations.

Convertible Perforated Black Leather Wallet Clutch with Removable Straps 

Leather Belts

Navel Grazer Spiky Leather Gunmetal  Chain Necklace

Simple Evening Bag Clutch

I would like to thank Amanda for allowing me to feature her and Etsy shop. Remember you can find her at In addition, the holiday and gift giving season is just around the corner. Two Tickets has a lot to offer for everyone on your gift giving list. It's never too early to start you holiday shopping, and Two Tickets is just one click away from some really great gifts.

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